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About Us

From a very young age, all I wanted to do in my life was design. Design appearances and characters on computer and videos games, construct little houses for toys or make myself forts, draw outfits I thought of in my mind, really just anything artistic and creative. I wanted to design and make anything I could, and teach myself exactly how to do it. That was all I knew my whole upbringing and where a lot of my childhood memories stem from, that I loved designing and the fact that I hardly followed the rules, and constantly walked to the beat of my own drum.
My biggest life passions are travelling the world and experiencing new cultures, being a dog mom to my precious toy cockapoo Benny, building deep bonds with all my soul sisters and supporting & encouraging other women to feel like their most confident, fucking badass goddess selves. As an empath, and a water sign (I’m a Scorpio), it only makes sense that the places I feel most at peace, most like myself and at my most blissful are near, in or around water. Wether it is on a boat, on the beach, or simply in the bath tub; in water is where I feel the most relaxed, care-free and open. Either that; or half naked at a summer music festival dancing like no one is watching with all my girlfriends, which again, is why designing beach wear just makes so much sense for me.
My journey to create Moonstone began in 2017 as I began travelling more frequently to places much hotter than home (Alberta, Canada; which isn’t hard to beat when it comes to temperature) and with much more bodies of water. I started to struggle with the options I was finding for swim wear, they were either much too cheaply made and would be ruined after one or two wears, came in patterns or colours that simply were not flattering or were incredibly out of my price range, like, majorly out of my price range. I remember walking around the streets of Portugal while on my first international trip and thinking to myself; why don’t I just start my own line? Which at the time, seemed like such a far-fetched and unrealistic idea, but flash forward two years later, here we are. Shop Moonstone is an absolute dream come true and I hope you feel inspired and that these pieces make you feel incredibly confident, and like a fucking goddess, because babe, you are.

Made with tons of good vibes & love.